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American Legion

Veterans Law Project

Defense Link

Pentagon Channel

National Archives

Blinded Veterans Association

House Committee on Veterans' Affairs

Army And Navy Union, USA

The American Legion

Military Order Of The Purple Heart

WWII Picture

Paralyzed Veterans Of America

The Chosin Few

Disabled American Veterans

The Retired Officers Association

Veteran's Day

Soldier Story

Fleet Reserve Association

Arlington National Cemetery

The American Bald Eagle

The United States Flag

Guidelines for Display of the Flag

Gun Salutes

VA National Cemetery System

Celebrating America's Freedoms

Veterans Day MD VA DC Local Events

French honor WWI Doughboys


Veterans Day Speaker History

Veterans Day Poster

Veterans Day School Kit

Veterans Day National Committee

History of Veterans Day

Living and Working Oversea

United States Forces Korea Command History Office WEB Page

"Allied Joint Forces Command Brunssum,The Netherlands

Allied Joint Forces Command Brunssum,The Netherlands

 Chinhae Fleet Activities Korea

Joint Military Facility St. Mawgan United Kingdom

Joint Military Facility St. Mawgan United Kingdom

Mildenhall RAF United Kingdom

Molesworth RAF United Kingdom

RAF Menwith Hill, United Kingdom

The Royal Naval Patrol Service the 'Harry Tates Navy

The Royal Naval Patrol Service

Defend America

Defense Almanac

Deployment Link

AFN Korea.Net

AFN Europe.Net

FFN Tokyo.net

American Forces Radio and Television Service

National Archives and Records Administration

Armed Forces Retirement Home - Gulfport

Armed Forces Retirement Home - Washington

Military Schools: private schools, boarding school

Defense Commissary Agency

United States Weapon Systems

Social Security Administration

The Whitehouse

The United Nations

The U.S. Senate

The U.S. House Of Representatives

The DOD Military Health System

The Library of Congress

Federal Agencies and Commissions

Federal Web Locator


Military Brat Registry

The Military Seeker

Military City Online

Military News
Veteran's Chat Site

Nat Assoc of State Directors of Vet Affairs

Military History

Government Financial Aid Links

National Vets Archive

Sgt Mom's Vet and Retiree Links

American War Library - Vet Web Pages

Armed Forces Of The World

The Unofficial Military Info Page

Army Aviation of America

Army Historical Foundation

American Ex-Prisoners of War Organization

American GI Forum

The American Legion

American Veterans

Association of the United States Army

Blinded Veterans Association

Catholic War Veterans

Disabled American Veterans

Enlisted Association of the
National Guard of the United States

Jewish War Veterans of the United States

Military Officers Association of America

Military Order of the Purple Heart of the USA, Inc.

National Association for Black Veterans

National Association for the Uniformed Services

The National Guard Association of the United States

Non-Commissioned Officers Association

Retired Enlisted Association

Reserve Officers Association

Veterans of Foreign Wars

Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc.

Women's Army Corps Veterans Association

Vietnam Helicopter Flight Crew Network(VHFCN)

All Aviation-FlightLine Online

 Lyrics   of   Patriotic Songs

POW-Missing in Action Database

Veteran's News & Information Service

Korean War Project

Fleet Reserve Association

Blinded Veterans Association

Coalition of Retired Military Veterans

Veterans of Foreign Wars

Disabled American Veterans

Paralyzed Veterans of America

The Retired Enlisted Association

Arlington National Cemetery

WWII North Platte Canteen

American Veteran's Collection

Dairy of Private Jefferson Moses, a Union Soldier in the Civil War

Civil War Union Data - The Electric Cemetery

Vietnam - stories

Arkansas Flag And Banner

Citizens Flag Alliance!

The Flag Burning Page

"Save Old Glory From Flames"

USC Title 36--Patriotic Societies and Observances

Center for Women Veterans, The

Military Woman Home Page

Military Women Veterans

Women in Military Service for America Memorial Foundation